VocProf Vokabeltrainer 2.0

VocProf Vokabeltrainer 2.0 2.0

VocProf is a professional, multilingual, powerful vocabulary...

VocProf is a professional, multilingual, powerful vocabulary trainer suitable for all Romance and Germanic languages - especially English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Latin, Swedish etc.

Check out VocProf's most innovative features: VocProf is a powerful multilingual vocabulary trainer for students, professional interpreters and any foreign language learners in general.

VocProf can be used for any Germanic or Romance language (e. g. English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish and many more!

). VocProf is multilingual in two ways: First, you can learn different languages with it. Secondly, VocProf's graphical user interface supports several languages (English and German so far).

Some more languages are supported through external fonts (not included). VocProf helps you store your words in vocabulary files and learning units.

With VocProf you can perform learning sessions (to learn your words), vocabulary tests (to train your words) and examinations (to test your knowledge) using your own vocabulary files or those you receive from friends or over the internet.

Vocabulary tests and examinations provide various settings to make them fit to your learning habits properly. Besides common vocabulary files, VocProf can handle grammar exercises and completion tests.

Brand new: VocProf Assistant helps you manage your learning sessions in a diary. Now you can fix dates by which you want to learn certain vocabularies.

Moreover, VocProf Assistant is an everyday tool which collects new, unknown words during your daily PC work. Those new words are stored in separate files, which can later be imported into the main application and be processed in vocabulary tests and learning sessions.

VocProf supports special characters for most popular languages. Special characters can be entered both through hotkeys (easily recognizable key combinations like in MS Word) and an on-screen keyboard.

You can store your vocabulary files in directories and sub-directories to ensure a decent order. VocProf provides predefined vocabulary files for popular languages in both an internal and an online vocabulary archive.

Unknown words can be stored in separate files. In this way you can learn and test unknown words on their own - this will save a lot of time! Success records: Every time you are performing a test or an examination your test results will be recorded and analysed graphically.

In this way you get a detailed overview of your learning progress and success. VocProf allows a complex vocabulary syntax: VocProf supports synonyms, prepositions, irregular verbs, derivatives etc.

You can specify the following types of information for each word: foreign language, native language, pronunciation and comments. VocProf supports the international phonetic alphabet according to the International Phonetic Association (IPA).

You can specify pronunciations for each word using the common phonetic alphabet. Innovative learning methods - such as word association: Foreign words can be saved in primary and secondary lists.

Secondary words are those that can be derived from their primary owners. By learning primary words you can thus associate many of the secondary ones (derivatives) without learning them separately.

VocProf provides an easy import and export of vocabulary files. Thus learning units can be exchanged via e-mail or over the internet. This feature is very important for students learning in groups.

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VocProf Vokabeltrainer 2.0


VocProf Vokabeltrainer 2.0 2.0

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